At Prosper , we help teens struggling with behavioral, mental health, substance abuse, and educational challenges to rediscover their potential through our dynamic residential treatment process. Our amazing team of dedicated professionals promotes clinically-driven and personalized treatment for your son or daughter utilizing a wide variety of therapeutic practices that include CBT, DBT, and EMDR.

Residential Treatment Program

During residential treatment, teens temporarily live with us where they will receive an average of 32-40 hours of individual, group, addiction education, family, and recreational therapy each week. 

Our goal is to produce formal outcomes in a safe, genuine, and informal environment where therapy occurs in a community-like setting without the restraints of constant walls. Our clinical team provides mentorship through the process of change to establish meaningful relationships through experiences that extend beyond the office.

Treatment Services

At Prosper, our team of clinically trained professionals offers a wide range of evidence-based teen treatment services. We proudly serve clients in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, and worldwide. If you have any questions or would like more information about the residential treatment programs we offer, contact us at 1-855-383-2566 to speak with one of our qualified treatment specialists.