When it comes to families of a struggling teenager in crisis, there are limited options for mental health treatment options in the state of Montana. In fact, most resources are located primarily in the most densely populated cities across the state; leaving smaller towns without a community network to address mental illnesses and substance abuse needs.

Some of the treatment options found in Montana include Medicaid care facilities, group homes, acute units, php/iop programs, psychiatric residential treatment facilities (prtf), and therapeutic boarding schools. However, these programs are all governed by the department of health and human services (DPHHS). Furthermore, unlike most other states, Montana does not actually have a licensure specific to residential treatment centers.

Treatment For Addiction

Addressing Potential Issues

In most cases, the greatest indicator that a teen is struggling with mental illness or substance abuse is a drop in their grades at school. As families experience a child who is struggling in life, it is critical that parents address presenting issues sooner rather than later. However, many parents avoid confrontation in hopes that time will ultimately be the greatest healer. All too often, this leads to a pattern of disruptive behaviors and habits that are hard to break without some form of intervention as teens are ill equipped with the tools they need to overcome such mental/behavioral issues on their own.

Finding Helpful Resources

At Prosper Treatment, we encourage parents to seek out their immediate circle of resources to address problems with behaviors or mental illness as soon as possible. This may include friends, church, school, and other community resources. Taking such action is not an admission of defeat or failure as a parent. Rather it falls in line with the philosophy that it really does take a village to raise a child.

While raising a child is perhaps the single, most challenging undertaking any parent will undergo, it can also be the most rewarding experience. With that being said, we’d like to provide you with the following list of helpful resources that includes community resources along with individual licensed clinicians in the state of Montana who specialize in working with teenagers and adolescents who may be struggling with a myriad of issues.


Ruth Story, LCPC




Megan Fallon, LCSW




David Hardy, LCPC



Columbia Falls

Dawn Lundstrom Brennan, LCPC




Kathryn Trucano, MS, LCPC, NCC




Lisa Johnson, LCPC


Grow With Me Play Therapy



Great Falls

Rainbow Plains Counseling




John Lilburn MSW, LCSW




Ashley Garnett, MS, LCPC




Chrissy Boysen, LCSW


Community Mental Health Resources (Montana)


Aware is a community based mental health outreach with a mission to reduce and prevent hospitalizations, incarceration, crisis services for those struggling with severe mental illnesses.


Youth Dynamics

Youth Dynamics is a resource for Montana residents as they provide many support services for mental health care throughout the Northern, Western, and Eastern parts of the state.  Their services include substance abuse treatment; therapeutic group homes; therapy services that encompasses individual, family, and group therapy; teaching independent living skills and parenting classes; Day treatment program for those teens that need extra support during the school hours; Foster care; and medication management.


Pathways Treatment Center 

Located in Kalispell, Montana, Pathways Treatment Center is a 40 bed, psychiatric acute unit that provides stabilization care for adolescents who are suicidal, homicidal, or struggling with substance abuse.


Montana Youth Challenge Academy

Located in Dillon, Montana, the Montana Youth Challenge Academy provides services in a well-structured environment for at-risk youth to develop healthy skills and discipline to become productive citizens. This program does not work with teens that have hard-core behavioral issues or those struggling with serious addictions.  This program was established in 1999 and has graduated nearly 3000 students from its program.



Intermountain provides community based services in Helena and Kalispell that include day treatment, co-occurring substance use and emotional distress therapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, along with child and family therapy.

Prosper Treatment Center

Mental illness, behavioral issues, and substance abuse are real threats to living a healthy and meaningful life for teenagers and their families. Although we have listed the above mentioned resources, Prosper Treatment provides an amazing residential treatment center in Montana for struggling teens if you have exhausted all other available options. If you have any questions about our treatment process or would like more information about the residential treatment programs we offer, contact us at 1-855-383-2566 to speak with one of our qualified treatment specialists.