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Why Prosper Treatment for Troubled Youth?

At Prosper Treatment, we’re committed to providing teenagers an opportunity to start over and bringing families back together. By attending an out-of-state rehab for teens in Montana, our clients enjoy a respite from their daily surroundings, negative influences, and triggers while residing in a safe, peaceful environment.

What sets our rehab for teens apart from more traditional in-patient programs is our holistic approach that integrates fun and activities into our programs. Our team of professionals provides positive, nurturing guidance that empowers teenagers to rediscover their potential.

Another distinctive feature of our approach to treatment for troubled youth is building meaningful connections with our clients during the short time they are in our care. Throughout their sojourn with us, we want teens to feel at home and a sense of belonging within our community.

Our short-term teen residential treatment program typically ranges from 30 to 90 days. It serves as a stepping stone along our clients’ journey through treatment.

Short-term rehab for teens may be all that’s required for some youth. Others may move on to the next phase of longer-term teen residential treatment for which our program has prepared them.

During our clients’ time with us, the positive experiences and successes they achieve often lead to an epiphany. They realize that with therapy, guidance, and support, they have it within themselves to turn their lives around.

Teen Residential Treatment Care Levels

We offer multiple care levels to help our clients who are struggling with mental health, behavioral, substance abuse, and educational challenges. Although Prosper Treatment is located in Montana, we serve clients from surrounding states and around the world. Our care level options include:

  • Residential. Through our residential program, teens receive personalized treatment in a comfortable, safe, and informal environment. They receive multiple forms of therapy each week, including individual, group, addiction education, family, and recreational. Our teen residential treatment clients also receive mentoring from our clinical team.
  • Day treatment. We provide step down care that includes all the therapies and similar experiences to those in our teen residential treatment. This comprehensive yet less intense form of therapy provides personalization. At the same time, teens can attend school and enjoy time with their families.
  • Academic treatment. Prosper Treatment also offers a fully-accredited educational program. This makes it possible for teens in treatment for troubled youth to continue their education and avoid falling behind. Our academic program with licensed instructors offers teens a blended learning approach that includes classroom instruction, online learning, and independent study.
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When it comes to treatment for troubled youth, we work with most private insurance companies to help reduce your out-of-pocket expense. We cannot guarantee treatment authorization for a level of care or length of treatment. However, our experienced professionals will work on your teen’s behalf to obtain the maximum authorized level of care and days of treatment needed.

A few of the insurance companies we work with include Aetna, United Behavioral Health, Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield, Regence, Health Net, and Pacific Source Health Plans. If your insurance is not on this list, please contact our admissions specialist to see if your insurance company is one of the many with which we work.

Building A People Legacy

At Prosper, we provide a safe haven for growth and healing by providing a residential treatment center for teens. This allows them to fully engage in their recovery from emotional, mental health, and substance abuse disorders. Our team of clinically trained professionals treat the whole person by using customized, tailored strategies to address the specific issues teens and their families face.